Falling For My Babysitter {manXboy}

Falling For My Babysitter {manXboy}

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The Gay Lord By Ash_J_Parsley Updated Jan 10, 2017

((Warning: Shotacon, yaoi, boyXman))

Jacob is a 16 year old boy out for summer vacation! He has plans with his friends and boyfriend until... BAM! 

His mother announces that she is going away for 3 months and that he has a babysitter!! 

I mean come on!! He's 16 turning 17 soon and he's getting a damn babysitter!! Jacob begs and pleads for his mom to not get him a babysitter! 

He see's this tall, very muscular blonde drummer named Michael Stark. 

What will poor Jakey do when he thinks he's falling for his babysitter?

Read and Enjoy~♥

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... Did mom know all along and is trying to get him hooked up
When my teacher passes by as I'm looking at the picture.....
                              He blushed and walked away.....
                              He's already given up on keeping me from reading this kinda stuff in his class....
Do it do it........I mean ewwww 😏😏😏
                              DO IT!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Iwillbiteu Iwillbiteu Jul 09, 2017
Thats why im in the closet. And my parents have spikey belts. Also, *cough* homophobic.
My dad thinks being gay,bi,lesbian and so on is a mental illness
Overlordjoseph Overlordjoseph Sep 23, 2017
Oh my gods this is literally me anytime I see a hot person I can’t even