Falling For My Babysitter {manXboy}

Falling For My Babysitter {manXboy}

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The Gay Lord By Ash_M_Parsley Updated Jan 10

((Warning: Shotacon, yaoi, boyXman))

Jacob is a 16 year old boy out for summer vacation! He has plans with his friends and boyfriend until... BAM! 

His mother announces that she is going away for 3 months and that he has a babysitter!! 

I mean come on!! He's 16 turning 17 soon and he's getting a damn babysitter!! Jacob begs and pleads for his mom to not get him a babysitter! 

He see's this tall, very muscular blonde drummer named Michael Stark. 

What will poor Jakey do when he thinks he's falling for his babysitter?

Read and Enjoy~♥

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Iwillbiteu Iwillbiteu Jul 09
Is he sweddish? (Sorry youtuber reference ill go home(DAMNIT i made reference in a reference. ))
charliee57 charliee57 Aug 23
How scandalous! Changing in a locker with guys? Oh lord because he's gay he must be attracted to every single one of them! 😂
BTShip BTShip Aug 24
IT'S KUROKO AND MOTHERFUDGING KISE!! I'm sorry these guys are just...words can't even describe
Iwillbiteu Iwillbiteu Jul 09
Ship name: jathen 
                              Also, jace would be a pain in ethan ass if the ship came true*wink wink nudge nudge* (dirty joke made......im sorry)
… Wrestling and Basketball are in the same season you can’t do both