Sorry, I'm Not Into Bestiality

Sorry, I'm Not Into Bestiality

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Iggy Williams By IggyWasTaken Updated Aug 26, 2018


The look shook me slightly, "Y-yeah shit, what's wrong with you dude?"

"I-I'm sorry," He eventually choked out, hesitantly beginning to step towards me, "Please, let me-"

"Back up, Bitch!" I exclaimed out of panic, accidentally staggering back even further and knocking into a bunch of trashcans.

"Listen, just hear me out..." He repeatedly relatively calmly, holding his arms out in an attempt to grab me again, "...look at me for a second."

With an exclaim of surprise, I panicked and ended up grabbing the lid of one of the trashcans and throwing it at his head. He dodged it by mere centimeters before turning to me in shock, "Hey, whoa--!"

Continuing to throw everything I could find at the man in front of me, I commenced to lob a whole array of inventory including both my shoes and a whole bin of rubbish. He grew increasingly angry with every item, and after one final throw of a brick; he ended up catching it in mid-air almost effortlessly, the action causing me to freeze in fear.


Now, I don't know whether at the time I was tired, stressed or just maybe still a little bit drunk. But as the stranger in front of me shouted for me to stop, his entire appearance morphed into something vile.

"Holy f***ing crap!" 

Danielle Perkins knows more than most about how truly unfair the world can be. 

After years of training and serving in the war, she is ultimately discharged from duty and settles down for civilian life in the bustling city of New York. A far cry from the terror filled battleground, it takes some time but she finally begins to get her life back together. That is until she's faced with a world that at no point was she ever trained for, and faced with a man that she was in no way ready for.

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