My life as a Bolton Boy

My life as a Bolton Boy

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A lot can change in six months. My life has changed and so has everyone else's. So I'm going to give you a little update on what's changed.

Guy has finished medical school and is working as a trainee in the local hospital. Theresa and Guy have started planning there wedding, Theresa wants a spring wedding but Guy wants a Winter wedding. They both moved to an apartment down town, about twenty minutes from away from our home.

Christian dumped Jade after she got knocked up. Turns out she was also sleeping with most the school football team. Christian was heart broken and spent three weeks hidden in his room. When he came out he had his bags packed and decided to go to collage, in Washington. He said he hated Florida and needed a new start. He's currently studying IT and business and is hoping to join dad in hos business.

Kade announced Beth's pregnancy the same night Eden left. Mum was thrilled and threw a party, alcohol free of course. Beth's parents found out a few w...

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readingisfun1812 readingisfun1812 Jun 16, 2017
Nooooo she needs to Marry Jesse now she can not date this stupid ralf guy I don't accept I don't give her my blessing
xKawaiiGulx xKawaiiGulx Jun 30, 2017
No one knows how long I've been waiting for this!!!
LiTTlemissDeViLsHoME LiTTlemissDeViLsHoME Apr 24, 2016
The hell you on about "Ralph" I don't like "Ralph" the idiot
lovetoread1208 lovetoread1208 Mar 06, 2016
No Jesse and Eden are made for each other not this Ralf dude
emilycrandall7 emilycrandall7 Mar 13, 2016
Good you scared me when a couple paragraphs ago you said Flynn was head over heals for his dance coach kinda like you WERE with Eden
laibanaeem08 laibanaeem08 Jan 25, 2017
Pavlo lol I love how people choose pablo as like their go to Spanish name