Second Best (bwwm interracial)

Second Best (bwwm interracial)

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melanin By melaninlovinq Updated Oct 10

"Some days I want to isolate myself, other days I just want to leave utterly and completely fast from this world. But when he's here the world isn't so bad"

Elena Jackson is a true definition of an anti social pessimist. Having bipolar, depression, and having generalized anxiety can really weigh a person down. Imagine when one of the most popular boys at school gets under your skin and you have a mutual hate for each other- but hate really can vanish when they become the only thing that keeps each other sane. 

trigger warning //

Im exactly the same you describing me right now im also 5'3 and i have shoulder length hair
Vida014 Vida014 Nov 20
Relationships don't work like that you don't let him hit then want a ring
Or she just did that because she was jealous and didn't want her to kiss him
Vida014 Vida014 Nov 20
If it's a 15 minute ride isn't that a 45 minute to an hour walk.? Pshhht take the walk
I would have been like you know what can't last long you in the bed haha