Saddling Up {thewattys2015}

Saddling Up {thewattys2015}

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Welcome to Windsor Preparatory, Where some People fail and Others shine.

Windsor Preparatory isn't just known across the world for it's excellence in academics, It's also known to produce famous equestrians from all over the world. Only the most skilled riders and and the most deserving students are asked to attend this prestigious bording school in the country side of Seattle, Washington.

Eleanor Hastings is the newest rider to join Windsor's elite team. She is accompanied by her trusty and sweet mare, Elle. She thinks classes will be a breeze as she's a straight A student. She knows riding will be a breeze, she's been a competitive rider since she was 6.

NOT. Things get off to a great start. But then enter, mean it-girls and tuff competition. Eleanor is wrong. Classes are difficult and Riding for the most prestigious academy in the world isn't what she thought would be.

Would you crack under that pressure? Will Eleanor and Elle be sent back home or Will she rise to the top? And

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equestrianzzk equestrianzzk Jan 29, 2017
xEmoAngelx xEmoAngelx Apr 05, 2016
A quarter of your room? Damn, her room must be HUGE. Our stalls are 4.5m by 5m...
TuisTrot722 TuisTrot722 Jan 22, 2017
Not trying to point out mistakes but when it says walk down the long hallway there is a comma instead of a full stop. Even is you meant to have it like a breath, an doesn't need a capital.
                              Its a great book, and I can't wait to keep reading!
horses45evrr horses45evrr Jan 02, 2016
If they're in alphabetical order, then does everyone have to move whenever there's a new horse?
switchthediagonal switchthediagonal Aug 23, 2015
This is really good! But again there are a few spelling, capitalization, and punctuation errors! I'd suggest maybe reading back through and editing it a little?
switchthediagonal switchthediagonal Aug 23, 2015
This is a great chapter, it just has a few minor mistakes that really jumped out at me. I noticed some errors quickly and some not as much such as spelling. But I love it