Give Him a Chance (StingLu Fanfiction; Completed!)

Give Him a Chance (StingLu Fanfiction; Completed!)

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*Completed, August 18, 2015* It has been a year and two months since the GMG's (Grand Magic Games). Lucy has felt weak and she felt like she doesn't deserve to be in Fairy Tail. She tried to leave, but Natsu didn't let her. Lucy has been training for months now. She now has 11 out of the 12 Celestial Keys because Yukino insisted that she have them. One day on her way back from the Fairy Tail guild, she ran into Sting Eucliffe. They begin talking and start as friends. Of course the guild doesn't approve of their relationship but they decide they can do whatever. Sting admits he likes her but Lucy doesn't really know her feelings. Will she... Give him a chance? 

(StiCy/StingLu fanfic. I have never wrote a fanfic before so this will be interesting. )


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earthlingmage earthlingmage Dec 21, 2017
i ship lucy with everyone tbh but i particularly don’t like nalu (i’m ready for the triggered nalu fans)
MiratheMatchmaker123 MiratheMatchmaker123 Jun 01, 2017
im a harry potter fan and i am a mixed of ravenclaw griffindor and slytherin
I think the author got mixed up between Harry Potter’s RavenClaw and Fairy Tail’s Raven Tail 😂
VirtuallyWeeb VirtuallyWeeb Sep 05, 2017
I'm a Slytherin. 
                              YER' A WIZERD HERRY!
                              HERRY POOTER!
                              I love the Harry Potter series, I swear. I'm reading it right now.
                              Don't kill meh plz
tylerrtomyjosh tylerrtomyjosh Apr 20, 2016
;-; why am I here most peeps only ship them cause there blonde whhhyyyy
Mini_Ice_Queen Mini_Ice_Queen Apr 03, 2016
Up yours duck butt 
                              Raven tail , Sasuke?
                              Illuminati confirmed.