I'm in love with a miracle (GOM x Reader)

I'm in love with a miracle (GOM x Reader)

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Anime/Kpop Trash By taeliennation Updated Feb 12

"You know I love you. Right, (Y/N)-chan?"
'W-what was he talking about?'
"But, they love you too."
"And, I don't plan on losing that fight."

(Y/N) was not your average girl. She is actually the unknown 7th member of the kiseki no sedai (GOM). What happened when she steals all of their hearts? How can she deal with the team's ever-changing personalities? Who does she really love?

(Okay so I suck at descriptions, the story is better, I swear.)

HoshiChanXD HoshiChanXD Aug 11
Umm,am I the only one who though of Vixx on and on song.....yeah, ok then I'll shut up :/
See, the problem here is that I need my heart to live and if you steal it I'll die, so how about you not do that and we'll both live happily ever after.
Hahaha u stupid bitch boi I just freaking met you wow so you're the kind of boi my parents told me to stay away from
Melody_Kook Melody_Kook Nov 01
I feel you so much ;w; I haven't watched it in moNTHS because my sister wanted to watch it with me
                              Tetsu-kun, youre cute when you're holding your emotions back!
RanaFL RanaFL 13 hours ago
So I confess I kinda like it that your innocent even if your gaurd so lock it up go on and try it no matter what you do I'm gonna steal your heart
                              XD I love this song