midnight-ful ( Human Male Mate )

midnight-ful ( Human Male Mate )

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spicaliciously By Spicaliciously Updated Oct 30

Gabriel was minding his own business when suddenly a girl poured liquid all over him. 

The whole school just witnessed Leah pouring liquid over the most popular guy.

While it looked like an suicide act for humans, werewolves on the other hand knew that their goddess was just doing her job to protect her mate. 

Her human mate.


Snhenry95 Snhenry95 Dec 04, 2015
Don't mind them show them that the moon it make a mistake that you are the right choice for the goddess role for the werewolf community
maxd01 maxd01 Nov 22, 2015
Interesting start.  Personally I like longer chapters but that is just my opinion.  I like the fact it isn't a cookie cutter wolf story.
kvmara kvmara Jun 22, 2015
I mean , I just have to ask. Did you really mean to name it chapter Unus ? Bc honestly it's making me laugh.