Reminding Tales (Destiel AU)

Reminding Tales (Destiel AU)

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wHOA ✨✨ By ComeAlongHolmes_ Updated Jul 09, 2016

Castiel finds a book on his door step. He opens it and finds the rules. 

Only read a chapter a day

Castiel decides to follow the silly rule but soon finds himself reading about a character who is falling in love with him. At least, that's what it seems like.

But what if he also falls in love with this fictional character 

And what if this character isn't as fictional as he thought?

bumblebeemish bumblebeemish Dec 14, 2016
Is this going to be like eternal sunshine of a spotless mind??
mrmeisawesome mrmeisawesome 2 days ago
OHHH I get everything he has amnesia and he doesn't Remember dean at all it was his impala and the tree was probably a tree that had a special meaning like a first date first kiss something like that it less scary and more sad now
winchestertrashh winchestertrashh Oct 22, 2016
But I feel that accident that Cas got in made him loose him memory of Dean?
MonotoneGlitch MonotoneGlitch Nov 21, 2016
I can feel my soul descending into the eighth circle of hell.
Anime_at_the_disco Anime_at_the_disco Nov 20, 2016
I have a cat that likes to roll down stairs......she's just high on catnip
mrmeisawesome mrmeisawesome 2 days ago
If I got a book that said my name I would burn down my house