Matching Leather Jackets

Matching Leather Jackets

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Crystal Carter By cookiesinjanuary Completed

Penelope "Dot" Frost; Independent, vicious, vexatious, angry, stoic, quick-witted, smart-mouthed, lonely, and as some would suggest, insane.

Everything eighteen-year-old Penelope loves is either gone or being snatched from her weakening grasp. She struggles to raise her sister under the heavy hand of her father, cope with loss that is way overdue and recently reminiscent, and the returning presence of a beloved, arrogant ex-best-friend that betrayed her trust, formally known as Blake Adams.

With all of these things occupying her life, Penelope does what she can to hold onto her bearings. She has to make choices that will build her up and break her down. 

What, and who, will she choose?

UNEDITED with MANY TYPOS, a few clichés, and PLOT HOLES (began writing this when I was 14, bare with me). 
Read at your own risk.

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Happens to me everyday, like let me listen to my music in peace🙄
Yes , preach the truth. I feel this book is gonna be interesting.
SkylaMagnuson SkylaMagnuson May 05, 2017
Kinda laughed reading this. I had an teacher named Mr. Walsh, who had a pot belly haha. He was my English and my mythology teacher.
trauma_surgeon trauma_surgeon Mar 02, 2017
Oh wow. When he says something about her mom it's ass whooping time, but did none of y'all read get comment. I mean yeah her mom is dead, but really?
cookiesinjanuary cookiesinjanuary Mar 30, 2013
@tall_girl I know, I read your profile, It said you got your test passed ^.^ ~Im not a stalker lmao~ But thats so kewl! Thanks for the read!
tall_girl tall_girl Mar 29, 2013
I LOVE this!!! I listen to my music on my 'cycle as well ;) I love Dot xxx