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Stereotypical Love(BWWM/Interracial)

Stereotypical Love(BWWM/Interracial)

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itgrl101 By itgrl101 Completed

Bentley Johnson lived the life of any other popular kid. Cool cars, weekend parties, captain of the football team. He was the guy all the girls would kill to have and all the boys longed to be. With the deadly combination of wealth, good looks , brains and sporting ability - there is nothing Bentley could have wanted more in life ... Or was there ?

Ava- Marie Knight, smart, reserved and unnoticed or so she thought, until her once simple world was flipped upside down with one simple sentence whispered into her ear ."I want to feel what it's like to love all of you : body , mind and soul . To experience that cheesy stereotypical high school love story baby you and I."

ma ninja you not hot in all that black that heat would have been suffocated me
touba2087 touba2087 Oct 25, 2016
It's funny how these "it girls" act like High School is everything,  after High school there gonna be slapped right in the face with my  good friend "Reality", there really nothing compared to the world....
Yes you go Boi!👏🏾 I wish their were more bwwm interracial couples not hating but you always see wwbm 😪
alexis_040403 alexis_040403 Dec 24, 2016
Wow I didn't know strippers now a days were so open about their stage names! Candy stalk? I don't know...I don't really want cavities. I'd prefer burnt sugar😊
LovelyJesenii LovelyJesenii Dec 10, 2016
It's sad cause I used to read books about girls like this in middle school and be like "this isn't realistic at all!" But after the first few weeks in high school  I realized that really do exist, and every year I found out about more and more chicks like this smh.
ddluvladybug ddluvladybug Dec 13, 2016
The people and the classes and the teachers. Basically the whole thing I could do without 😂