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Blood Wars: Book Three in The Dark Sanctuary Series (ORIGINAL DRAFT)

Blood Wars: Book Three in The Dark Sanctuary Series (ORIGINAL DRAFT)

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Lindsey Clarke By LittleCinnamon Completed

It's hard work being a myth amongst myths.

Sharing a house with three vampires is problematic enough, but when you accidentally kill one of their kind on the way home one night, you realise the biggest issue is not working out what you're all going to have for dinner.

With Michael on a mission to find the only other true-born still in existence, Sarah is left under the watchful eyes of Michael's friends as they struggle to protect her from a den leader intent on saving his own skin and any other vampire who might happen to stumble upon their cosy little Belgravia set-up.

However neither Sarah nor her vampire housemates banked on being under the very watchful eye of someone other than Sebastian; someone with a more organised, more armed and more vengeful network than even the most powerful of vampire dens.

Step forward the Sensors. People just like Sarah, only these Sensors don't flee when faced with a vampire; they hunt them.

As the vampires only known enemy, the Sensors are fighting an age-old war that is so underground and so secretive, that even some vampires don't believe they exist.

But exist they do, and now they're coming for Sarah.

Will she chose her own kind; people who understand exactly what it is like to grow up fearing the sunset and all with their own nightmarish stories to tell of loss and death?

Or will she chose Michael and the monsters who have haunted her for her whole life?

The time has come for Sarah to make a choice!

writerprobz writerprobz 2 days ago
Can't wait to finish this one and can't wait for the 4th one to come out!
hisheeen hisheeen Aug 06, 2016
I'm so sorry for my horribly obnoxious comments, this series has just got me so excited! I love it! I want it to be made into a movie!
karissalynne karissalynne Jul 22, 2016
I love this series. It's initially one of the top books I have read here and one of my top all around. Thank you for such an awesome read! :)
waanikydd waanikydd May 16, 2016
Love you works! And the idea of a fourth book! 😍😍 Pleeeeease continue writing! You are truly amazing!
I honestly cant wait for the re-write. It's already pretty good but i know that after you're done with it, it will be amazing! I WANNA KEEP READING BUT ALSO WANNA WAIT UGH. I'm still gonna reread the first book when you upload it!
DonnaBoyce7 DonnaBoyce7 Mar 23, 2016
I'm just bout to start the 3rd book in series and I'm hooked. I feel so sad for Michael and Sarah and I can't wait to c what happens next. Keep doing what ur doing and u will go far. I now have 2 exceptional authors I love in u and Emma Leech  xxx