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Catwalk (A Wattpad Featured Story)

Catwalk (A Wattpad Featured Story)

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Nicole Gabor By nngabor Completed

"Nice girls get nowhere in fashion." 
That's what 18-year-old aspiring model Catherine Watson is told her first day on the job. The problem? Catherine is a nice girl. Too nice. After all, no one expected her to disobey her parents and opt out of her ivy-league education, shrug off her charming almost-boyfriend Benji, and head for New York City to make it on the catwalk.

But now - to no one's surprise but Catherine's - the tall, willowy waif is turning heads at New York Fashion Week, landing on the covers of fashion magazines, and going viral in a big way. Her latest fashion accessory? A hottie who's cute enough to front a boy band.
But as cover girl "Cat" continues down this path, she thinks she's made a wrong turn. Things aren't always what they seem on the catwalk. Sooner or later, she'll need to take a big step: one that could change her life, her career -- and quite possibly the fashion industry -- forever. 
Catherine's got to decide: Is she naughty or is she nice?

silverdawn13 silverdawn13 Aug 04, 2016
Heh, my name is Catherine, and Watson is the name of my aunts pug.
iteenprincess iteenprincess Sep 14, 2016
This is such an amazing start. I love your way of writing (it feels professional). Your grammar is absolutely perfect which is a cherry on the top of a delish choco-chip cake. Can't wait to read more! Good luck! 😍😍
DonnaShoaf6 DonnaShoaf6 May 14, 2016
Fantastic so far, Nicole.  I'm on the edge of my seat and hope the NEW MODEL succeeds!
I really like how you started out. It does make me want to read more
-Lilacrose- -Lilacrose- Aug 02, 2016
New york Ooooo im raised there i signed with img models when i was there then i moved to seattle with my brother
survive15 survive15 Sep 08, 2016
Great way to say it! This sounds so inspirational! :D love it!