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Falling for my step brother (boyXboy)

Falling for my step brother (boyXboy)

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Evelyn Marie Jones By faceless_reflections Updated Feb 13

"Ya' know if you want you can help me clean myself off." he offered seductively, obviously thinking I wouldn't actually do it. Well you can go suck a dick Drake cuz' I'm about to whipe that smirk right off your sexy face.

"Sure." I said pushing myself of the door and walking towards him.

"I think I got it actually." he said stepping further against the counter as I aproached him, obviously shocked by my answer.

"You missed a spot though." I pouted innocently looking up at him innocently.

"Oh?" he asked looking a little more comfortable with the situation. Stupid drake actually thought he had control of the situation. 

"Let me get it for you." I said putting one hand on his chest and the other on his cheek. His body stiffened and he seemed hella' uncomfortable!!! I smirked to myself before turning his cheek so I could lick the spot on his jaw that still had yogurt on hit. He sucked in a breath as my tounge hit his jaw line.

I have the strength of a tiger and the wrath of a woman on her period
Lol Did any one else for back to the picture to look at his eye brows? XD
I would just grab his dick. But I'm scared of dicks so, it isn't that easy..
Ive got the brains and the bite of females plus the strength and the bron of dudes
The mood swings of a girl with the strength of a guy... get ready for Armageddon XD
I have the intimidation of tall guys and the confidence and glare of a woman. 
                              Cash me outside, how 'bout dat?