Falling for my step brother (boyXboy)

Falling for my step brother (boyXboy)

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Evelyn Marie Jones By faceless_reflections Updated Jan 27

"Ya' know if you want you can help me clean myself off." he offered seductively, obviously thinking I wouldn't actually do it. Well you can go suck a dick Drake cuz' I'm about to whipe that smirk right off your sexy face.

"Sure." I said pushing myself of the door and walking towards him.

"I think I got it actually." he said stepping further against the counter as I aproached him, obviously shocked by my answer.

"You missed a spot though." I pouted innocently looking up at him innocently.

"Oh?" he asked looking a little more comfortable with the situation. Stupid drake actually thought he had control of the situation. 

"Let me get it for you." I said putting one hand on his chest and the other on his cheek. His body stiffened and he seemed hella' uncomfortable!!! I smirked to myself before turning his cheek so I could lick the spot on his jaw that still had yogurt on hit. He sucked in a breath as my tounge hit his jaw line.

Yeah like girls can go all bitch on you. I am a girl so I'd know.
Jeez! Calm ur tits Evander!
                              You're at school for Christ sake
Yeah, I have glasses, but even when I don't wear them I can usually see peoples eye color from a pretty good distant.
I thought it was shawn mendes on the cover but shameron for life y'all
I wish life were that easy, hubby bun. SIGH. I wish I lived the life of a gay incest fanfic. :')