Miss Clumsy and the CEO (UP FOR POSSIBLE DELETE)

Miss Clumsy and the CEO (UP FOR POSSIBLE DELETE)

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Harper Daniels has always been accident prone from consistently falling over non-existence objects or simply spilling food upon her shirt. She is used to it though but now she wants to make it big in the world. Starting with Brewer Enterprises with a CEO who is not only arrogant, cocky and self centred but who happens to be handsome and HOT. Even more so, after one assignment she is sent out to do because his PA is away that day, simply all she has to do is just grab him a coffee and give him the daily reports. This proves more difficult that she anticipated when instead she ends up accidentally spilling coffee everywhere even some reaching his lap, this in return she ends up having to prove that she is worth working here by becoming his temporary PA. 

Now what wrong could go here? Add a ingredient of urge and possession from these two, then you got yourself love. 

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hay_live hay_live Sep 01
                              Lmao sorry. I love me some Tim Hortons🇨🇦🇨🇦
Stiles_Squad_SS Stiles_Squad_SS 4 days ago
A chicken lifted its leg and its other leg and fall 
                              (Just please imagine it it's so hilarious)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 im laughing so hard
Dude really don't blame her it's not her fault she learned how to do things for herself late
AlikatsaiT AlikatsaiT Aug 13
EcONOMic sETBacK. this Girl did wonders in just one hours ismh
Qihua1234 Qihua1234 Sep 11
Pls don delete i beg u!! I love this story i read it for like 5times already