Just Friends (Editing)

Just Friends (Editing)

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♥♥Rachel♥♥ By Janglesx Completed

Charlotte and Ryan have been nothing more than friends for nearly their entire life so when Ryan's raging alcoholic, drug addict mother, Susanne, leaves him and his family for a selfish, stuck-up man called Robert, she drags him along for the ride and things begin to change.

No matter how hard Ryan tries to keep Charlotte out of this mess, she stands by him and is there to catch him if he falls. Ryan suddenly realises how much this girl means to him, but it can't be a fairy-tale ending without a little drama! 

Charlotte begins to develop feelings for Reese, one of the schools football players, causing Ryan to show some jealousy.Soon enough Ryan begins to fall for Charlotte, his best friend, but the question is; 

Does Charlotte feel the same way about him?

Will they become anything more than'Just Friends'?

LukewarmPenguins LukewarmPenguins Oct 22, 2014
That awkward moment when you actually live in Ireland and your crush is called Ryan...
paynesbay paynesbay Dec 02, 2013
good start! the length is just right :)
                              well done on the descriptions all throughout.
                              well-written despite a few run-ons here and there.
Janglesx Janglesx Jul 28, 2013
@JJCBlogger2000 Eeeep, glad you like it and I hope you can read on!!!(:
KateJordanOriginal KateJordanOriginal Jul 27, 2013
Was captivated by the summary, which was highly intriguing:D and the first chapter is amazing! Can't wait to read on:P
Janglesx Janglesx Jun 01, 2013
@NoobblyBobbly really?:0 glad you enjoyed it:D thanks for the fan and the awesome comment!
Janglesx Janglesx Apr 28, 2013
@anushkajindalrox Hey, thanks for the critique, I'm editing this chapter as we speak, so thanks for your advice. I will keep in mind what you said when writing, thank you!