Yaoi  One Shots.

Yaoi One Shots.

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Drake was a humble mechanic. He started his day like any other. 

Drake was trying to separate two pieces of metal and he reached in his back pocket for his handkerchief when he felt the metal around his wrist. "What the?!" The handcuffs snapped in place on both wrist.  

Drake turned to face his ex. "Danny? What are you...?" He was dragged back and the handcuffs were attached to something.  

Danny manipulated something  and the handcuffs were been lifted until drake was bend over just slightly. 

"Vincent isn't good for you drake." 

"And you are?" Drake asked in a rather annoyed tone. 

"Yes, I know you. I know what you like...what you desire..." he said running his finger down Drake's chest. "...but I've come here to talk." 

"Okay, lets talk. But take this handcuffs off first!" 

Danny laughed and he shook his head. "No, I think I want a more "captive" audience." 

Drake sigh and he hung his head. "I'm listening..." 

A smile crawled  to Danny's face. "Like I said before my dear. ...

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FierCrowe FierCrowe Aug 14
                              Also why does almost everyone's name start with D? Not that it's bad, I just realized a lot of the main characters have that...
When you doing something you know is wrong, but wanna see what happens next.
dezzyboo355 dezzyboo355 Aug 03
okay so it's not only yaoi but it's also incest? that a strange combination..... anyway it was pretty good ;)
Zakabadeer Zakabadeer Sep 10
i feel sorry for him.....how can he still call him brother????
Crap this is illegal! Everyone look away!
                              *Everyone keeps on looking*
                              CRAP EVEN I CANT LOOK AWAY! GOD DAMMIT!😂
                              (Just kidding!😂)
Bubblywacowfan Bubblywacowfan a day ago
Ok that's sad. But he's getting paid
                              I'll be in my corner if anyone wants to join