His Wild Blue Air

His Wild Blue Air

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"But why are you here?" he pursued.

"Mr Boyd," she started.

"Ethan," he interjected. She chanced a confused glance at him. "Call me Ethan. After all, we're gonna be housemates for a month." He then put on a cheeky smile.

She nodded agreeably. "Okay, Ethan," she emphasized. "I forgot another rule. No asking after my personal life."'


Skylar Smith was not what he expected for a cabin owner when he booked a cabin in New Zealand on a spontaneous streak. He didn't know what he expected but this woman definitely was not it.

First off, Skylar was friendly and nice. She was kind. She was beautiful. She had a dog with a weird name. She worked at a bookstore even when she was loaded. She owned a cabin with high price rates. She didn't know who he was despite the fact that he has had his face splashed across TIME, Forbes, Vanity Fair and a dozen of tabloid front pages. She was also the most secretive human being Ethan Boyd had ever come across in his life.

Ethan, with nothing better to do, decided to play a game of fact trading with her. They would each tell a fact per day. And as he got to know her more and more each day, he found himself magnetized by her and falling for her. 

And that couldn't be good, because he was bound to leave sooner or later, which meant it could only end with one of them heartbroken.

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telepathically__ telepathically__ Mar 29, 2017
I love big hero six!! I am Bay max your personal health care companion ❤️
TessaWishart TessaWishart Jun 28, 2016
Hey, as a New Zealander I thought you might want to know that 'Maorian' isn't a term, we just say 'Maori' in this context :)
oniamac oniamac Nov 06, 2016
My kitty was named C-A-T my daughter was learning to spell at the time. Once she began college it was harder to explain just why my cat was named CAT. =/
oniamac oniamac Nov 06, 2016
Yes if your successful it seems there is always going to be a jealous hater around, it may be in a smaller social group or world wide. This story grabs me right off the bat.
FoodIsLoveFoodIsLife FoodIsLoveFoodIsLife Oct 29, 2015
I cried like a baby at the end of big hero 6, I was in a ball and everything
Winchesters_united Winchesters_united Apr 24, 2015
Such a long chapter I like and also it's a fresh breath from all the other billionaire romances out there. I like it