The New Girl (dipper x reader)

The New Girl (dipper x reader)

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»The age of the characters depend on your age. 
»Some parts are a bit PG.


After living in countless places, YN decided to settle down in gravity falls with her aunt.

Everything was going fine. She met a lot of new people but two of them stood out.

First, there was Mabel Pines. She was everything YN has wanted her best friend to be. The two girls got along almost instantly.

Then, there was Dipper Pines, who made YN want to pack up and leave Gravity Falls for good. He was mean to her because of a reason she didn't know.

When they find out about a hidden treasure deep within the town, would YN and Dipper grow closer? Or would they grow further apart?

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DatPotatoLuvBTS DatPotatoLuvBTS Jun 28, 2017
Cuz the prices are expensive and are not really 'exotic'
                              THATS THE MYSTERY HACK FOR YA
JXxRose JXxRose Jun 11, 2017
Why would anyone name a bain-aid "The Rip Off"? These are legitimate questions.
quiitd quiitd Aug 10, 2017
Because why not I mean Stan ISS being chased down by the government
DarksLovelyDoggo DarksLovelyDoggo Jun 30, 2017
Mint green*shudders* 
                              I don't like mint because I ate too many thin mints once and then barfed. I'll just change it to red...
XOMara_AriannaOX XOMara_AriannaOX Oct 09, 2017
Can i change it to galaxy color?...ya know ....darkish purple with like a mixture of different other purples and violets and add some glitter ✨
Yay! Mint green is the color of my OCs hoodie. Dis is perfect!