Belle And Beast

Belle And Beast

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S.C. Conant By veins_of_ink Updated Sep 29, 2017

'There is a story that is told where I come from. A story of two Hounds; one of darkness and one of light. These hounds reside in all souls and to truly be good one must starve the Hound of Darkness. But no one starves the Darkness, do they, Belle? No, we feed it the scrapes of our souls hoping no one will notice. Except, some of us don't just stop at the scrapes. No, sometimes, we give in to the comfort of the darkness. Sometimes the Darkness consumes us.' 

Belle has dreamt of the same Silver-Eyed Beast for months now. She blames it on the cheesy Werewolf romances she's been reading lately but she can't deny the lingering feeling in her chest. She's been moved from place to place with her Aunt Tessa since her Father died in a car accident and she longs to settle in one place and grow some roots. Moving to  Water Crest,  where a mysterious family member left a large house and shop, is an answer to Belle's dreams.... literally. She has no idea that her life is about to be turned upside down when she learns that Werewolves are more than works of fiction. They're real and that's just the beginning.

The Beast is calling, but will she listen?

BEAUTIFUL cover by the amazing Mediocer