Belle And Beast

Belle And Beast

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S.C. Conant By veins_of_ink Updated Jul 29

"The Beast's snout came to the crook of my neck and inhaled deeply, only to face me once again. But this time, his eyes were different. They were green, but not just any old green. They weren't the green of grass in the spring, nor were they the same green of sparkling emeralds. No, his eyes reminded me of the forest; mysterious, deep, gorgeous, wise, and most of all... Wild."

Belle has been dreaming of the same Beast for months. She chalks it up to her 'slight' obsession with anything and everything  having to do with werewolves, but what if it's more than just a dream. What if someone, somewhere is trying to tell her something. She never knew her mother and her father died a few years back in a tragic and mysterious accident. She has no idea as to whom she really is, of what she is capable of.  

The Beast is calling, but will she listen?

AMAZING cover created by the wonderful @Marvel_Cap1989

Okay, no one that age does that. I cursed like a f*cking sailor, always have, and I can safely say that almost all kids 12-13 curse as well.
🎶 A deam is a wish your heart makes
                              When your fast asleep🎶😍
weirdoagain weirdoagain Jul 24
At this exact moment, One by Ed Sheeran started.
                              THE FEELS OMG.
Go yay, girl. She is not afraid. 
                              Oh, and aunt Tessa and Blair are great together.
veins_of_ink veins_of_ink Sep 07, 2015
She also said the quote above its when the mice ask her about the dream and she won't tell… its right before the first song sequence.