Crashing Into His Heart (BWWM)

Crashing Into His Heart (BWWM)

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By this contract, Sauda Bello agrees to work for Vincenzo Bellucci for 8 months to pay for the damages of Vincenzo Bellucci's car. This agreement is enforceable by law and will be taken to court if this is not completed.

The job, you will be given is lawyer to Vincenzo Bellucci at Bellucci Inc. The salary you will be given is $82,000 this salary will be reduced by 36%. This job requires full attention and privacy. 

These rules must be abided:

- No information about the company must be given to the media or rival companies.

- What happens in the building must not be mention to the media or to rival companies.

- Any conspiracies with the rival companies, will be given immediate action.

- If any other rules are made, while your on this contract will be mention at the earliest time. 
If failed to abide these rules you will be fired and force to get the money immediately.

By this agreement, it is agreed that a payment of $3,690 will be given to Vincenzo Bellucci every month for 214 days (8 months) which ends on Wednesday 24 December. The $3,690 will be taken from you bank account and you will be notified with a text. By the end of this contract a sum of $29,520 will be given to Vincenzo Bellucci. 

If you have any problems concerning this contract, speak to Vincenzo Bellucci.

Sign here


(I did all the math calculations for that, so stress-worthy)
Rewriting/ Chapters will be posted in awhile.
Changed Melody's name to Sauda Gloriana Bello.
Changed Logan's name to Vincenzo Cole Bellucci.

I like that but I believe all good comes from above so Heaven can gladly take it because it will in turn be positive
I see you gotta a lot of lip...... oh right Tristan isn't there. Don't get bold now
Beautiful quote and also I am reading this because you did the math and I was like 💩 I gotta read this now lol
maagja24 maagja24 Mar 24
HathorRao HathorRao Nov 21, 2016
Please decide is it's 1st person or 3rd, switching from her to I is a bit confusing.
Wildmindxx Wildmindxx Jan 16
What kind of guy is he?? He didn't get his ass beat enough when he was a kid that's for sure.