Summer's Never Looked The Same

Summer's Never Looked The Same

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After Ryan Dunn's death, Ava Knoxville and Bam Margera both take his passing the hardest. They go to desperate measures to forget the absence of their closest friend. Things begin to get out of control when Ava goes too far with everything she can do and Bam starts doing drugs. When it's all taken too far, Bam and Ava suddenly realize they don't need things like drugs and cutting to numb the pain of losing their friend- they need each other.

P.S. I'd like to clear up that as far as I know, Bam isn't doing drugs. I don't know him or any of the Jackass guys. This entire story is fictional, except for Ryan's death. Please don't interpret it the wrong way.

WARNING: This could be triggering for some people.

The theme for this story is Sometimes by Alex Lloyd. (