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In 1692, people who were accused for being a witch was prosecuted on the Witch Trial, hanged and then burned-in-stake.

More than 2 centuries past, The WITCH GAME was created to commemorate the horror from the Witch Trial. The Witch Game was the witches salvation from the horrific event happened hundreds of years ago. The winner of the game can have the luxury to attend and undergo training in a prestigious school of witchcraft known as the MAGE SCHOOL and be the apprentice of the elite Magi and become one of them.

On the year 2015, the 111th Witch Game will begin and only a deserving Magus -a witch player- can win.

Gavin Chaldean, the only young witch of Chaldean's family, courageously enter the competition with  his sole goal. Win the game and learn how to make the Elixir, the only finest substance that can heal unique and unfamiliar disease. The game was his only hope to heal his cursed mother.

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