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"Do you not remember me, levi-senpai? (Eren x levi)"

"Do you not remember me, levi-senpai? (Eren x levi)"

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SirKimiku By SirKimiku Updated Feb 04

Eren has a huge crush on the most popular guy in school who's named levi Ackerman. He wants to pour his heart out to him and tell him his feelings..but what if telling him could just break his heart. After graduation, erens looks make a big change. What will happen when he bumps into levi again?
(Based of that photo made by Lena!)
(I don't own the characters or attack on titan!!)

Muesli1 Muesli1 Feb 09
Noble senpai much? OMG, don't scare poor pikachu senpai, he still is innocent.
_CrAZy_tOw _CrAZy_tOw Feb 05
Dear Diary,
                              God made Coke, God made Pepsi God had made me oh so sexy. God made rivers God made lakes God made Sebastian, well, we all make mistakes
                              ~Claude Faustus.
monsterbash4 monsterbash4 Nov 26, 2016
*appears in book with knife and stabs the whole group* magic~ *disappears*
I wish levi had an average height it would make him awesomer
Muesli1 Muesli1 Feb 09
And we love everything about him.
                              Foul mouth
                              Sour attitude
                              Constantly insulting
                              Aggressive and abusing
                              But also
                              Adorably awkward
Notice_Me_Senpai14 Notice_Me_Senpai14 Dec 21, 2016
Eren: *looks at pencil* THIS IS A DECLARATION OF OUR LOVE! 
                              Levi: .. what drugs are u on.