The Miracle ( A Kuroko No Basket Fan Fiction ) [ On Hold ]

The Miracle ( A Kuroko No Basket Fan Fiction ) [ On Hold ]

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SugarHoneyIcedTea By Love_Anime321 Updated Feb 16, 2016

One Game
One Moment
One Shot at winning it all..
Was it all worth it ?

Michiga Sayuri. Once the greatest female basketball player in Japan
But all of a sudden she quit.
No one understood why..... And no one will.......
Except for one guy...
One guy who tried to understand.......
One guy who was determined to make a miracle happen...
Even though he was a shadow....
His name is Kuroko Tetsuya.

Join Sayuri and Kuroko in an adventure with a fresh start.
Laughter,tears,love and a little bit of comedy.
It's just an ordinary story
But all stories are extraordinary....
So come and enjoy...

The Story of a Love that was meant to last forever....

Published : May 28, 2015
Note : In this story th plot is only a reference. Not everything that happened in the show will happen here.

FanfictionGemstone FanfictionGemstone Nov 16, 2016
You shouldn't have told them that you use to play basketball. Doesn't she want to start fresh and now theirs people surrounding her because she was so famous.Its like she wants attention like a snotty brat
NekoChibi44 NekoChibi44 Jul 10, 2015
I was sitting here for hours wondering who is Ya chan, because no ones name sounds like that until I saw her say passing skill then I noticed that it means Ya as in Testsuya.