Enslaved by Insanity ( Zero X Reader)

Enslaved by Insanity ( Zero X Reader)

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Human By Xx_AwkwardLlama_xX Updated Jan 20, 2017

You are a pure blood from the (L/N) line, and your parents had forced you to move to the well known cross academy. When you got there, you were greeted by a tall brunette, whose name he announced to be Kaname. He showed you to your room, and proved to be a very kind vampire... Or so you thought.

On your second day there, you decided to skip class, but as you walked out, you were stopped by a silver haired boy. You've seen him yelling at the swarm of girls surrounding the night class students during the transition, so you instantly believed he'd be a scoundrel. You greeted him and offered to shake his hand. He glared at you, and treated you as though you were a monster....

Odd... He was exactly what you were, you sensed it, but he called you a monster.... What a strange boy...

I do not own ANY of the characters, including you. I may put in some of my own characters, but that's it

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Maddyphantomhive8 Maddyphantomhive8 Aug 21, 2016
Ugh that last part hit me with the feels...irl people call me a monster. #relatable