Bruised up | stydia au | teen wolf

Bruised up | stydia au | teen wolf

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Lydia Martin:
she walked with her body covered in bruises, she thought he loved her, he kissed her with his fist. 

Stiles Stilinski:
he walked behind her shadow, he thought he loved her, she kissed him with only lust. 

When stiles and lydia meet each other they soon realize the relationships they are in are not healthy, they are not love, they are abusive. 

both lydia and stiles find comfort in each other. they are each others escape from Lydia's boyfriend, Jackson, and from stiles girlfriend, Malia.

sequel: bad blood.

1DevastatingBastard 1DevastatingBastard Oct 11, 2016
I don't h8 Malia but in dis book *makes hand to a fist*  she better gtfo
voidlessly voidlessly Aug 09, 2016
what is this bïtch high or something because he tried to wake you up
SageLahey SageLahey 4 days ago
"I was almost killed and I survived, that's not something I have to hide"
-rowanpluto- -rowanpluto- Aug 15, 2016
Bìtch hold my phone imma bout to slap a jackàss named Jackson
stydia1322 stydia1322 Aug 03, 2016
sadargxnt sadargxnt Dec 18, 2016
sir please clam down before I locate the nearest chancleta I have and smack you with it