A Soldier I Will Be | Destiel and Sabrifer |

A Soldier I Will Be | Destiel and Sabrifer |

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A/N- Despite all the crap I put my characters through, every story I write has a happy ending, because the characters deserve it. So, don't fret too much about the depressing things that happen in this.

This is the sequel of Angel with a Shotgun. If you haven't read it, I suggest you do so before moving onto this one.

The Novak's and Winchester's lives are going amazing. Dean and Castiel are finally able to adopt their first child, and Sam, Gabriel, and Lucifer's children are as happy as could be. 
Until now.
Castiel is forced to join the assassin clan as the Novak replacement, Dean is police officer, all of them are facing discrimination everywhere, and Lucifer just might destroy the world. The only thing the families might have going for them is that Dean and Castiel's new kid is an absolute sweetheart, yet even that seems to carry a catch.

What could possibly go wrong?

Warning: This will most likely be very heartbreaking, upsetting, and dare I say triggering. You have been warned, so tread with caution.

Dont worry. My hearts already in pieces. Its fine i didnt really need it :<
Octonauts 😂😂😂 my little brothers love that show 😂😂
I just imagined Mark slapping Rich with a price of meat and I cant😂😂😂
oops. i forgot cas died on the ceiling and instead i whispered "Mary" wHOOPS
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                              Aren't Sam, Lucifer and Gabriel all related now???
Jesus murphy, I didn't sign the permission slip for the feels trip