Awakening Reality

Awakening Reality

4.2K Reads 77 Votes 3 Part Story
Rita By regalrio Completed

Ever wondered what happens when darkness visits?

Tim Sykes is your ordinary guy-next-door type. That is until he wakes up in a totally spooky, unfamiliar place and his life turns upside down.
Tim has to overcome several dangerous challenges in order to survive but also uncovers some shocking secrets along the way...

Welcome to Tim's reality. 
The first in a three-part series.

  • adventure
  • awakening
  • catline
  • darkness
  • dread
  • mystery
  • pendant
  • reality
  • shadows
  • tim
Meowwww Meowwww Apr 16, 2011
This was an interesting introduction, makes me want to read on, but you need more description and explanation in the evens that are happening, other then that really captivating story which leads me wanting more =D 
deadpoet deadpoet Feb 06, 2011
Nice write, Im going to read awakening 2 now, read my short story and tell me what you think, its a short horror story titled "the trap door"
sydenay sydenay Sep 20, 2010
Really well written. Sometimes unclear in places, but still awesome. (I have that problem too depending on what I'm writing)
DarkEmoqueen DarkEmoqueen Sep 04, 2010
This is very very good . It even made the hair on the back of my neck stand up  with alittle fear and  wonder..... I thought it was very good
Chelsea-Ullaiana Chelsea-Ullaiana Sep 02, 2010
the beginning is amazing! I love the way you kept me on edge! You are very good at horror :) 
                              My favourite part is the way you describe how tim sees the pale old woman, she sounds beautiful in a creepy kind of way :) 
                              Well done JezzyBell! and keepy it up! :) x
joey13 joey13 Sep 01, 2010
thank you for recommending this to me jezzybell:) its really cool. i hate watching horror movies because thereafter i cant sleep but i can read horror books, lol  didnt finish it yet but i will soon:) keep on writting