One of the Guys

One of the Guys

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Aubrey Smith has always seen herself as one of the guys. What happens when she wants to change that? Instead of being known for throwing a perfect spiral with her football, she wants to be more feminine. To think she wants to change for 'One of the Guys.'

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XoxBbyNuenue XoxBbyNuenue Jul 25, 2016
I have a group of guy friends and a group of girl friends so I choose what group I want to hang with and if I wanna hang with both I join the two together and it be lift so I'm basically like in the middle between girly and tomboy
thisismybruckery thisismybruckery Sep 07, 2016
My friend just called a guy pretty yesterday, and now I'm reading this.......what the hell?
whoamiwhowillibe whoamiwhowillibe Mar 30, 2016
Damnit I want guy friends chicks are waaaayyy to high maintenance
iluvpandas21 iluvpandas21 Apr 23, 2016
This is what my friends and I do at lunch everyday! We steal each others food😄
snipergirl222 snipergirl222 Jan 14, 2016
Im a girl most of them are guys. girls just cause to much drama.. i have my own handshake with each of them even tho im a girl the guys are protective when tho i now self defense i mean come on but ehh.
TynnialuvsTwd TynnialuvsTwd Oct 16, 2015
Lol this is awkward because I have a crush On a boy named Logan