Deaf Ears Ring

Deaf Ears Ring

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Scissorhands123 By Scissorhands123 Updated Oct 05, 2016

Lindsey Audeberrie was a friend (with benefits) of Chris' way back when. However, their "relationship" was very toxic, and it ended on terrible terms. When Chris tries to search for Lindsey again years later to apologize and possibly become friends (just friends, no benefits) with her again, he finds out that she's moved to New Mexico and has started a new life. Chris decides to forget about Lindsey, and moves on with his own life as well.

Years later, Chris receives a mysterious email from Lindsey's attorney. And Lindsey is claiming that her thirteen year old daughter, Kaitlin, is also Chris' daughter. And if he is proven to be the father, he must meet Kaitlin and get to know her so that the judge will agree to give parental rights to Chris rather than sending Kaitlin to foster care.

Why is this happening? Because Lindsey has leukaemia, and only months to live. Lindsey has no other family to take her thirteen year old daughter in, so Chris is her last hope for Kaitlin to not end up in foster care.

Chris of course is surprised, angry, and reluctant.  Having expected this, Lindsey and Rachel threaten to go public with the story of Chris' daughter if he doesn't do as they ask. So, seeing no other choice, Chris flies out to New Mexico to meet the daughter he never knew he had. There are of course quite a few problems though.

The main one being Kaitlin has literally never heard anything about her father. She literally has heard nothing about him. Ever. So Chris must learn to communicate with Kaitlin in ways he never thought he'd have to, and it changes everything around him.

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WolfyXgetscaredXBvBX WolfyXgetscaredXBvBX Feb 23, 2017
I would like to see his reaction to all this fanfic tbh lmao
WolfyXgetscaredXBvBX WolfyXgetscaredXBvBX Feb 23, 2017
                              Can I just say.. I thought this was just In an Ashley purdy fanfic *-*.
                              -escelated quickleh-
DisobedientRMA DisobedientRMA Aug 19, 2016
From the prologue, the whole painting/blind analogy made me think she was deaf tbh. I am really enjoying this so far! I can't wait to see how them meeting up goes.
thathumanbeing thathumanbeing Sep 07, 2016
I'm thinking she's deaf/hard of hearing but I could be wrong