I Didn't Ask For A Bodyguard!

I Didn't Ask For A Bodyguard!

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"When life gives you lemons, throw them back and yell: 'I WANTED SUSHI DAMMIT!"

Aria has hemophilia. That means if she loses blood that's... Not a really good thing, because she'll bleed more than a regular person does. Which isn't a really nice thought, but now that she has potential gunmen after her, she's really running out of nice thoughts. She's the sole survivor of an incident and with no other option (well, actually, there was an option of changing her name to Helga and living the rest of her life on a goat farm but that wasn't really appealing) she's left to live with her cranky grandparents and a bodyguard who's far too good looking to be real, like, seriously. How is this her life?

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LifeIsABookOfDrama LifeIsABookOfDrama Nov 19, 2016
My god in love with this story already!!! Great first chapter!
zen123753951 zen123753951 Dec 27, 2016
Okay so I just stumbled across this book and I can't imagine my luck to be this good cause this book made my day.....it is hilarious in an awesome way !!
Christine136 Christine136 Dec 18, 2016
Only the first chapter and already I'm falling off my couch from laughter 😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂
SashieJ SashieJ Nov 30, 2016
At least she almost made it to three. I don't even jump I just move my arms
SashieJ SashieJ Nov 30, 2016
In that list the only thing hard is physical education. We go to school the get an education so we can escape the physical torture of chores at home. Why then must education be physical. If I wanted to build muscle strength I would have stayed at home and made my bloody bed!!
SashieJ SashieJ Nov 30, 2016
That's what I told my gym teacher on my last day of gym class