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Lone Werewolf

Lone Werewolf

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IamIncindiary By IamIncindiary Updated Apr 01

He told her to run and she ran. 
She ran for her life. 
Eden had never belonged. She should never have been born.
The biggest crime of a werewolf lay on her shoulders - infidelity.
Eden was born from it. It was the Luna's fault too. 
Who would want the daughter of betrayal? 
So, when the scales tipped and she was ordered to die, gun pressed to her head and left for dead. 
Who was there to care? 
Except, maybe, the Alpha on the other side of the dark, dark woods. 
And just maybe, with him, there was more to life than living.
After all.    

TheScriptOneRepublic TheScriptOneRepublic Feb 29, 2016
Cant you leave your mate?
                              Cant you give your baby girl up for adoption?
BreakfestIsthisWay BreakfestIsthisWay Mar 08, 2016
That's horrible! Sure she shouldn't have cheated but this child has done nothing wrong and it should not be mistreated because of someone else's mistake!
isis_bastet isis_bastet Dec 02, 2016
She does have a choice though. If being a Luna makes her very maternal, the most maternal thing she could do is to either leave her mate and give this child a childhood it would otherwise not get because of her actions, or she arranges in secret, a good adoptive family in another pack.
radish90155 radish90155 Oct 23, 2016
Honestly when I read the description it sounded a little like Snow White
LittleAussie LittleAussie Nov 21, 2015
Great start..  So many questions to be answered, which will make for an interesting read, I'm sure!!
                              Also (Praise the lord) you can WRITE!!! ***DANCES AROUND ROOM SINGING IT'S RAINING MEN***
                              And you have skills when it comes to grammar... YOU ARE ONE IN A MILLION, MY FRIEND
- - Oct 18, 2015
This is different and I love different...good first start :)