The Moon's Guardian(Being redone chapters do not lineup)

The Moon's Guardian(Being redone chapters do not lineup)

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Logic By Lord_Logan_Strattus Updated Sep 13, 2017

Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon. two time savior of Olympus. Defeater of Kronos,  survivor of Tartarus. 

After the War with Gaea, Percy goes back to his normal (well as normal as it can be) life. Graduating highschool, training, running the camp in the Percy-like way. Going back and forth between Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood with the portal Zeus/Jupiter made. Life couldn't be better...

But it can be worse, and Percy's about to find out what it's like to lose it all. When he was trapped in Tartarus with Annabeth his dark half was brought out to survive. But Annabeth never showed hers. Until now...

After the dust settles, Annabeth is left with severe P.T.S.D just like Percy. But theirs something else the matter with her. Maybe it had to do with the new Demi-god Atticus? A escapee from the Doors of Death and a son of Hades. Atticus is always doing something else but actual camp activities. Percy is the only one who seems to be able to see this. And Percy is determined to find out what he is doing. Maybe it had something to do with the Ghost also running around? But maybe it's just Percy being insane right? 

Maybe...But at the same time Percy is getting ready to enter a new stage of relationship with Annabeth. If she would talk to him again. 

It all seems to be a long episode of up and downs in Percy's life that he can't explain. But soon he'll learn...And the knowledge with cost him...

Pertemis story

Don't judge if you don't like this ship, actually don't read unless you look past the fact the story lovers make no sense, we all don't care XD

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SerenityTheKitsune SerenityTheKitsune Mar 14, 2017
Am I the only one who caught the reference?  (DRAGO BLUDVIST)
Ok well boii first off this is Percy Jackson not Harry Potter second of have you even read HOO like 95% of the people that came through the doors were evil I’m sorry to rant I really like your idea to refrience Draco I’m a little Harry Potter fan
HalleKupkake HalleKupkake Sep 08, 2017
Omg so I'm reading To Kill a Mocking Bird and when I read Atticus I was like WHATTTTT😂😂
tectonicArtist tectonicArtist May 14, 2017
A kid yelled at me for saying something similar to that.
                              The queer dog was queer. Thats what i said and he got so angry when i laughed he went on a rant about how that made no sense. Lol sry 4 the story time 😜
Thepercyandannabeth Thepercyandannabeth Jan 24, 2017
GO DIE IN A HOLE ATICUS! GO TO TARTARUS! Thank you this is a live announcement.
Multiplelifes Multiplelifes Feb 15, 2016
Inuyasha Sesshomaru Kagome Shippo Sango Miroku.
                              I Rachel Elizabeth Dare you to try to eat me