It's just sex, right?

It's just sex, right?

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izarryftcashton By izarryftcashton Updated Jun 29, 2016

"It's just physical right?"

"Yeah, I mean what could be the harm in that?"

"It'd just be two people who have no emotional feelings towards one another, using each other to relieve their frustrations."

"We would just be two people who can't stand the presence of the other but happen to have sex every now and then." 

"So what do you say? Are you in?"

"You know I hate you right?"

"The feeling's mutual, love. So are you in or what?" 

"It's just sex, so yes I'm in."

Next thing I know, his rough lips are on mine, his hands are pulling at my hair and my clothes are sprawled across the floor.

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er9534 er9534 Dec 28, 2017
My Spanish teacher is named miss green and she is kind of a bitch
Puppy_love6 Puppy_love6 Feb 15
I've been drinking coffee ever since I was 5. *Note the sarcasm*
hollaaabitches hollaaabitches Jul 04, 2017
our school starts at Sunday not Monday but friday is weekend
loved4once loved4once May 11, 2016
OMG my science teacher is called miss green she is at least 26 in my opinion
shautty shautty Dec 08, 2015
I read this a long time a and decided to come back for it to see if this Peron up dated and she haseint it been to months