Within the Grasp of Temptation

Within the Grasp of Temptation

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Jo Bissell By jobissell Updated 7 days ago

Sequel to Beyond the Reach of Judgement: a paranormal romantic tragedy (Available in its completed, professionally edited, formated,  and reviewed form on Amazon here http://amzn.to/1AyEVMT)

Ruth awakens to her new existence trapped and alone. After years of near starvation and torture she finally gets the opportunity for escape and takes it down a path she never expected. While attempting to enact her revenge, she instead finds herself looking into a pair of lovely blue eyes she thought she could never see again. 

But Jude is not Julien, yet he knows so much about her and her past. She must find out the strange truth behind Jude's visions, all while resisting the urge to harm him, and before being found by those whose imprisonment she escaped.

Please note, this is an early draft. It has not been beta-read or edited.

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DreamnD55 DreamnD55 Dec 25, 2017
Can't bring myself to read anymore. I'm still too depressed over Julien being killed off in the last book.
mercyshey mercyshey Aug 03, 2016
Is this the sequel for my favorite story!!! Am so excited, can't wait to read
NiffyFash98 NiffyFash98 Aug 28, 2016
Now the wolf is to retire??? Ain't no retirement for you lady😁😂
mercyshey mercyshey Aug 03, 2016
Wonderful start, please tell me he dint realy die now that she's alive
Dimose Dimose Jun 02, 2016
Nope. I cant do this. Not today. I am so heartbroken. You're an AMAZING writer! But my soul died on the last book💔😫