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A Shadow Among The Light | Link x Dark Link

A Shadow Among The Light | Link x Dark Link

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C҉A҉S҉ By casynodic Updated 7 days ago

Shadow was a freak. At least, that's what he had been lead to believe. 

He never fit in with the crowd, always being teased or bullied by people who didn't understand. Maybe it was how he looked, or the fact he was silent most of the time and never smiled but, whatever it was, everyone avoided him. 

He was different, and everyone seemed to hate him for it.

Link was relatively normal. Friendly and selfless, he got along with pretty much everyone, but had a past he'd rather not discuss. Unlike everyone else, he was curious about the boy who never smiled.

By chance or luck, Link gives Shadow support in a time of need, slowly breaking down his walls the more time they spend together.

Secrets are told and promises are made, but not everyone seems to like their newly-formed friendship.

Will Link save him in time, or will he return to being a shadow among the light?


Okay, I don't usually do things like this, so don't hate ^_^ this will be set in modern-day high school.
I'm not completely familiar with TLOZ, so if I miss something or someone out, please don't get mad ><

In this AU, Link's parents are dead and the main ship is LinkxDark Link, so sorry to all the ZeLink fans, but this is how it is :P

Please read, comment if you want, and if you enjoy it please vote, it would mean the world to me!

Look forward to updates every Friday evening! (UK time) (maybe) (hopefully)

LauraClaire9 LauraClaire9 May 09, 2016
Sí~! I completely understand my darling~ I wish the best of luck! May the odds be ever in your favour and the force be with you! XD (I am such a nerd. And a geek. Dweeb as well I guess. I'm trash.)
whatelsetosay whatelsetosay May 02, 2016
You better have a lot of fun at comic-con for us! So you're a May baby? Same!
LauraClaire9 LauraClaire9 May 27, 2016
Happy (Late) Birthday my friend!!!!!! (Would have gotten to you sooner, but I was so busy!! DX) *gives birthday hug*
LauraClaire9 LauraClaire9 May 09, 2016
YOU SHOULD GET ALL ZA READS!!! (I love this story. I love finding good Dark Link x Link fanfic. You're a great writer!)
Slowly-Decaying Slowly-Decaying May 01, 2016
congrates on the comic-con thing ig you see Norman Redus there tell him his biggest fan, Bridget Markle said hi
                              Norman is from the Walking Dead btw
book_binder book_binder Aug 24, 2015
Same here!!!! I just got into Dark LinkXLink last night and I've already finished 3 Dark Link X Link FanFics!!!! But, there's not that many Dark Link X Link FanFics which is depressing......