A Shadow Among The Light | Link x Dark Link

A Shadow Among The Light | Link x Dark Link

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⚜Calico⚜ By Calicore Updated Jul 08

Dark Link was a freak, he never fit in with the crowd. He was always teased or bullied. No one liked how he looked, or how he was silent most of the time and never smiled. No one understood his pain. Most people called him Shadow, and that's what he was; a shadow among the light. He was different, and everyone hated him for it.

Link was normal, average even. He was friendly and cheerful, but had a dark past. Unlike everyone else, he was curious about the boy who never smiled, Shadow. Link fit in well enough, and was smart. He was hiding from his past, hoping no-one would find out.

One day, as Shadow was backed into a corner, Link arrives and helps him out. They befriend each other. Secrets are told, promises are made. None of Link's friends approve of their friendship, especially Zelda.

What will happen? Will they stay true to their promises? Will their friendship become something more? Will jealousy ruin their friendships? Will Link's friends accept Shadow, or will he return to being a shadow among the light?


Okay, I don't usually do things like this, so don't hate ^_^ this will be set in modern-day high school.
I'm not completely familiar with TLOZ, so if I miss something, or someone out, please don't hate.

In this AU, Link's parents are dead, ok? And, um obviously, the main ship is LinkxDark Link, so sorry to all the ZeLink fans, but I prefer this ^_^

Uh please read, comment, and if you enjoy it please vote, it would mean the world to me!

Look forward for updates every Friday evening! (UK time)

DixieThorn DixieThorn Aug 03
*pops out of no where and slaps Ganondork*
                              Chu leave that tasty seafood out of dis 
                              *Disappears Into nothingness*
I wish I could be there to tell shadow that there nothing wrong with him
                              Hope that made him feel better :3
i need a senpai like dark i always get low grades T~T darkk come in real like pwease
Nicoforlife Nicoforlife Sep 24
Me:yep alot of us are ..... I'm pretty sure  Mike is the most normal looking in are group and he's got Bite scares on his head .....
                              Spring:don't jewle just don't he can't here us 
                              Me:i know but it's true
book_binder book_binder Aug 24, 2015
Same here!!!! I just got into Dark LinkXLink last night and I've already finished 3 Dark Link X Link FanFics!!!! But, there's not that many Dark Link X Link FanFics which is depressing......