Bad Boy Can't Kiss

Bad Boy Can't Kiss

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In fairytales one kiss saves the princess,

But this isn't a princess that needs saving.

One kiss is all it takes to save him

Or maybe more...


Xavier Sweet is well known to everyone for vandalizing everything he touches and 'getting down' every possible chance he has, but there is an easier way to describe him, a bad boy. 

Denies Frost is actually the person everyone goes to for advice, since she's really good with every kind of situation. 

Or so she thinks.

When Xavier finally had enough rumors of this so called 'helper', he decides to take this opportunity to go and share his problem with her, problem is, 

She can't exactly help him with his dilemma, or can she-?

(Her name is spelled Denies, I know it seems like I was trying to spell Denise but I wasn't) 

Highest rank in Romance: #36

Cover by @Raeken

TheFlyingBagel TheFlyingBagel Jul 11, 2016
I read to fast and I thought it said "I gently massage the girls" meaning her boobs xD
NerdyLya NerdyLya Aug 01, 2016
Oh wow. My boyfriend asked me out on that exact day. I thought he was playing a prank at first. ♡
dammmndaniel dammmndaniel Aug 27, 2016
Just because he doesn't come to you doesn't mean he doesn't need help
BabyCantYouSee BabyCantYouSee Aug 10, 2016
Awe "brown plain eyes" this is probably how everyone sees mine
Nutella__JanoBerries Nutella__JanoBerries Aug 26, 2016
So for the boys she sais: "Don't give a damn about that okay-? You're a strong young man/boy and yoy can do better than her. She's missing out on something great" .. ?
bleedingcrystals bleedingcrystals Jul 30, 2016
Things were different when our parents were younger. They were raised in a world full of 'straight' people, meaning gay people were kind of pressured to stay in the closet.