Loved Locked Up

Loved Locked Up

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"You look like her." He says slowly walking to me. I feel my back stiff up, "Like who Mr.?" "Grayson. Jack Grayson." He says as he grabs my hand and kisses it. I pull away quickly. "Grayson? As in Dick's son?" I ask. He shakes his head, "No, Nephew, my father is dead, along with my mother." Jack puts both hands on the chair and leans in, "Because he killed them." He says slowly. I feel my breathe get caught in my throat, "Wh... Who?" I ask. I see his dark blue eyes turning almost gray, "The Joker." He pushes off almost knocking me out of my seat. "You look like her." He says again as he go to the window. "Like who Mr. Grayson?" I ask again, finally finding my voice. 

He turns to me and smiles, "Like Harley Quinn." 

After watching her parents get killed at the age of 13 by her older sister, Elsa Quinzel decide to the villains of Gotham City become ex villains after the Joker's passing and Harley Quinn behind bars, she become the new Therapist at Gotham Arkham Asylum where she meets, Poison Ivy, Two-Face, Riddler and Harley Quinn herself. But along the way she meets a boy who she believes shouldn't be in there but see a different side of him that no one should ever see and to her surprise, she has even dared to fall in love. 

Love Locked Up is a romantic, Gotham world fan where danger is a new kind of love and nothing is as it seems.

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Revenge_Of_ANIME_ Revenge_Of_ANIME_ Jul 26, 2015
Wow I can't believe you made a jelsa in Gotham book. That is a AWESOME!!!! :) :) :)
ThePotatoNextDoor44 ThePotatoNextDoor44 Mar 26, 2015
Jelsa_G45PRINGLE Jelsa_G45PRINGLE Mar 26, 2015
I Luv it!!! Omg update please I think I know where this is going!! XD
Jelsa_G45PRINGLE Jelsa_G45PRINGLE Mar 22, 2015
Hehe. Gordon. :0 um, ignore me coz that just reminded me of someone.
ThePotatoNextDoor44 ThePotatoNextDoor44 Mar 22, 2015
Aw, I love Robin so much! (Please have him and Starfire get together please!)