Spying on the Devil ( Rewrite )

Spying on the Devil ( Rewrite )

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Everyone knows the story of Lucifer, how he was casted out of heaven becoming the first fallen angel, but what some of you didn't know was that many followed Lucifer to the pits of hell.

All angels who live in heaven remember the beautiful angel that fell far below the earth like a dangerous lightning strike. They remember the war between the "good"  and "corrupted" angels of heaven like it was yesterday.  The blood shed of that day caused by the disagreement of the archangels, God and the first guardian angel Lucifer.

To try an balance things out between the two sides, God blessed Lucifer with a mate. Someone who could help Lucifer see the light in the darkness he created that day. But can one girl really change a fallen angels ways?

Sapphire, a girl with no last name, no birth certificate or parents is left outside an orphanage one stormy night, could she be the one?

Scientists10025 Scientists10025 Sep 24, 2016
Man that means everybody I called the devil win a award DAMN  MY STUPITY
JackieBrink JackieBrink Aug 27, 2016
Wow... Who knew? I mean... Really... He could win an Oscar...
Crazy_Otaku_Wolf Crazy_Otaku_Wolf Apr 20, 2016
Food idea for a story. Where does the store go next? It was interesting.
twilightsaga7 twilightsaga7 Jul 26, 2016
Has anyone ever told you to to to.... uhhh...
                              *I suck at comebacks*
Riraku_Chan Riraku_Chan Nov 10, 2016
Lol. "Creepy dude in the big ass cloak" ...Oh god, I just died of
DizzMarshall DizzMarshall Jul 15, 2015
Although her emotions changed a bit quickly, I enjoyed this chapter and the vibe that it gives off. Especially the devil, haha.