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Sarah By Happilyneverafters Updated Sep 13, 2015

He gripped her chin in his cold hand, bringing their faces inches apart. "What exactly did you think running from me would gain you? Freedom?" A humourless smile spread across his exquisite face. "Naïve fool that you are. I am a Sentinel, there is no hope of escape from me.  There never was."

Magic was coveted, a talent only afforded to those born into the aristocracy. But sometimes, there are those outside of that exclusive sect that are born with magic, known as anomalies. And the Aristocracy dealt with these 'anomalies' by sending hunters known as Sentinels to track them down and deal with them.

Hadley was an anomaly. She had spent her whole life evading the notice of her superiors. But her luck had just ran out. Sentinels have been sent to sweep her city and, after an unfortunate turn of events that led to showing off her powers, she had caught the attention of the strongest Sentinel in history, a man named Farren.

Once Farren catches sight of his quarry, there was no force on this earth that would stop him from obtaining it.

blackvodka blackvodka Apr 01, 2016
If Chekhov's Gun principle is used in this book thats gonna be great. Dragons sound fun ^-^
danielefrancis50 danielefrancis50 Nov 15, 2016
why have you stop updating daughter of Britain I want to how it ends plzzzz!
- - Aug 12, 2015
Your writing style is brilliant! Actually amazing! The descriptions, your vocabulary, actually so on point!
ferngullyzzee ferngullyzzee Jul 31, 2015
I'm so excited for this book! It's such an interesting idea! I'm really looking forward to this!!!
BreakfestIsthisWay BreakfestIsthisWay May 15, 2015
This book seems like it's going to be so exciting and interesting! Her as a little girl was pretty mature for her age, so I'm really wondering what she acts like while growing up/ her current character :D I hope that that maturity stays :) update soon, great prologue
didntseeuxthere didntseeuxthere May 14, 2015
I'm so excited! I just finished War Prized all in one sitting. Loved it! Please continue to write and I'll be waiting for your updates :)