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Pen Your Pride
Supernatural x reader

Supernatural x reader

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fangirl-67 By fangirl-67 Completed

"They were always there I suppose."

"What were, (Y/N)?"

"The whispers." You said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

   It was always exciting when someone new came to the mental hospital. Today it was not only one but two. One was extremely tall and needed a hair cut. The other was slightly shorter with a cocky little smirk. Instantly the whispers started, but you were trying to keep it to yourself so that you could get out of this hell. 

"What are the whispers?" he said with an almost scared look crossing his features.

"I guess you will find out. Everyone does in the end just before they leave." Great now he thinks you are a murder nice going. This won't take long. "So tell me what do you hunt and how long have your parents been dead?"

"Wait, what?!" He was shocked for a moment just a moment sad.

"Father was recent, huh? Good riddance abusive drunk." You were definatly testing him this time. At least it gave you some entertainment.

"Who are you? How did you know ...

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TrenchcoatMikaelson TrenchcoatMikaelson Oct 29, 2017
Not to question everythin (i haveto have a happy ending)wheres cas and his angel mojo?
Rarestrose3 Rarestrose3 Jun 17, 2017
Omg, I am so stupid! I just figured out that Y/N stands for your name. I always thought it was just a weird name until I saw it in almost every Supernatural fanfic.
Musical_Emo_Kitten Musical_Emo_Kitten Aug 16, 2016
Suicide watch is not fun like I had to go to a hospital for a week and they treated me like a bomb that could go off any minute which made me more depressed.
classicrock103 classicrock103 Feb 19, 2017
I am trying to hold back my tears, my parents are beside me 😞😥😭😞
- - Dec 28, 2016
Not a psychopath, a high functioning sociopath do your research Sammy!
anime_freak676 anime_freak676 Sep 17, 2015
When I read "fruitlessly" I immediately thought of a disgruntled Sam upset because he doesn't have any fruit