A Guy's Best Friend by Shawna Hansen, Chapter 1

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shawnasbooks By shawnasbooks Updated 4 years ago
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Emma's New Year started with a kiss from a complete stranger at the stroke of midnight. With her fiancé of nearly four years on the other side of the room, Emma finds herself responding to the tall, sexy stranger in a way she's never experienced before and doesn’t want to end. Austin came to the New Year's party to investigate Emma's fiancé’s involvement in a car stealing operation and ended up kissing his prime suspect's fiancée and nearly losing the best chance he's ever had of bringing in the head of the car cloning ring that’s been using beautiful, young women as couriers to drive the stolen cars out of the U.S. into Canada. 
    It was only a New Year's kiss, but neither of them wanted the night to stop there. Six months later, Emma can’t believe the guy she kissed on New Year’s Eve is actually the one guy she can count on as her best friend after her fiancé steals all their savings to buy his uncle’s nearly bankrupt automobile empire and tosses their plans to elope to Vegas and spend the summer honeymooning and surfing in California out the window. Austin knows the beautiful surfer girl he can’t stop thinking about will hate him once she finds out he’s the guy who’s going to put her fiancé behind bars. 
    A Guy’s Best Friend takes you from zero to ninety and doesn’t stop. In just two minutes, Emma and Austin’s lives crash into each other at high speed and neither one is willing or able to resist yielding their friendship and chasing love.
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