The Moon Goddess  Hidden Daughter

The Moon Goddess Hidden Daughter

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LACPTeenDays By LACPTeenDays Updated Mar 22, 2015

Jessica Woods Is a 19 year old quiet girl. SHe is Alpha Woods from the RayMoon Pack. One day she meets Josh Bridstone, son of the most feared Alpha in the worlds. They at first dont realize they are mates, not until Jessica's parents are killed and he pack moves to live with the BloodWar pack.

What happen when you put a over protective Alpha with a quite girl.......

Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 Aug 29
I love the way you are writing this book and keep up with the good work 😀 😀
Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 Aug 29
Wow " She found Her long lost brother and now they're going to be in the same Pack together! 😄 😄