It All Started With A Tampon

It All Started With A Tampon

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Gemma is a nobody. She knows it. Her parents know it. Everybody at school takes advantage of it. She accepts the fact that everybody is going to treat her badly. She can't do anything about it. She will forever be the doormat, somebody to shove homework at, someone to take anger out on. She goes about her business quietly, doesn't mess around.

But then Gemma makes a mistake. She goes out at night, again on a useless mission to keep the peace. She runs into one of the most dangerous gangs in America. And she makes an impression.

Liam Henderson is someone you don't mess around with, people cross the street to avoid crossing paths with him. So what will he do when a little school girl named Gemma gets under his skin?

And it all started with a Tampon.

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