Asymmetrical Love | Death The Kid x Reader | Soul Eater [COMPLETED]

Asymmetrical Love | Death The Kid x Reader | Soul Eater [COMPLETED]

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"(Y/n)! Get your butt over here and say the description!" Chris barked from across the room.

"Can't.. Eating food." I replied while stuffing even more Pocky in my mouth, if it was even possible.

"Lazy otaku... Okay I'll do it. Hi, I'm Chris and welcome to my fan-fiction!"

"Be more interesting!" I critiqued him while pillaging author-chan's fridge more.  

"S-Shut up!"

"In a city where people turn into weapons and other humans wield them, we find our main protagonists, (y/n) and Chris. Upon arriving at their new school this weapon and mister partners stumble across the most unusual people. 

This is all good and well, as they start to befriend them but what happens when (y/n) realises she has somehow grown feelings for possibly the most stuck up and asymmetric Shinigami of all time. 

It was definitely hatred at first sight, but people always say there is a fine line between love and hate~"

"There, how was that!" Chris gloated.

"Meh, I've heard better." I answered with an indifferent shrug.


Death The Kid x Reader ~ 

And also I unfortunately do not own Soul Eater. ;-;

I also apologise on behalf of Chris, regarding his bad narrating.

Over 40,000 words! Hehe!



Ayo! It seems this story has received the official seal of cringe by author-chan.

This is a warning put on stories by aliciacorreia that are deemed cringe worthy either because the start is very cringey, the plot is cringey or the entire thing is cringey in general.

And yes, cringey is a word now. 

So as a forewarning, if you are weak of heart or are allergic to cliches, unrealistic characters or terrible humour, please contact your closest doctor and beware when reading. That is all, thank you. ]

HannahD1999 HannahD1999 Oct 05
*holds up Chris*
                              Hey Stein! Have you ever dissected a weapon before?
                              *Throws him Chris*
                              LEAVE THE BIRD ALONE
                              MAKA WE NEED YOUR CHOP OF JUSTICE
HeII yeah I'm asymmetrical! Deal with it you bishy mother fluffer!
Thats what i think when I see when i see the word 'COCK' even in 'cocktail'
BellCipher1 BellCipher1 Nov 26
Well I mean they both will give you headaches if your in the room with them.
OfficTemmie OfficTemmie 2 days ago
-Eating french fries so her talking is muffled a bit- Starting aa potato mafia? Maybe a potato eating mafia. Heh, Sasha would definitely join that HAHA