The Bad Boy Calls Me Dork

The Bad Boy Calls Me Dork

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Chloe By lonelychlo Updated Sep 16

Sky Rose and Zac Parker didn't get off to a very friendly start... 

After moving schools numerous times in one year because of her mother's boyfriends, Sky finds a high school that she thinks is half decent. That is until she bumped into Zac Parker, the one true ultimate bad boy (and player) of North East High. 

Zac can make anyone's life a living hell by just the click of a finger and a heavenly smile. His name alone is enough to make any girl swoon and faint with admiration.

When Zac decides to move houses, it turns out that he is Sky's new neighbour, and they are forced to spend time with each other despite their hatred.

After multiple fights, drama and bonding, will Sky and Zac fall for each other's true personalities? 

•I suck at writing descriptions so don't let this put you off please just give my story a go ;)
this book has been ranked on teen fiction before, thanks for your support loves x :)•

ginabamaca ginabamaca Sep 30
😂😂😂so thats the so called'bad boy'😂😂😂😂thats awesome😂
Who wouldn't ? 
                              Don't reply if you wouldn't cause IDC not in rude way
alynev24 alynev24 Feb 04
Haha thats funny my 2 best friends 1 is named Zac the other is named Parker
Sugerush Sugerush Jul 10
I'd wear that, the shirt would probably say something else but I'd totally wear it
My gosh people, you do realize that bae is just another word for sh*t?
bmansfield710 bmansfield710 Jun 04, 2015
how can he be her brother and only half a year older than her? pregnancies don't last 6 months. is there adoption or are they step/half siblings? just wondering.