A Play in Time 2: The Next Generation (Featuring the Chunin Exams)

A Play in Time 2: The Next Generation (Featuring the Chunin Exams)

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Agent H.T.A. Shinonono-Yatogami-Komichi By AyaKousaka_Izumi647 Completed

Okay...this is the sequel of my story, A Play in Time (SasuSaku).

Today our friends Shikadai, Boruto, Himawari and of course, Sarada are walking towards the Hidden Leaf Forest...their parents had told them about the so-called 'Chunin Exams' where they all got to know each other better.

And now, they were blinded by light and when they opened their eyes, they were back in the village...

They saw the village was quite different

They stone faces were just...four, Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen and Minato...3 faces were missing...

They heard a voice...

And they somehow knew they were back in time...

~I do not own anything except the story line...


sterper sterper Aug 05
It's not a war between the Uchia And Senju/Uzimaki. It's a war between the harunos and Uzimaki
                              I luv when sasuke says baby
                              IT NEEDS TO BE MORE SEDUCTIVE AND DEEP!!
mistmoon12 mistmoon12 May 05, 2016
I'm laughing so hard can barely breath cuz he said baby to Sakura
IsmailHashi IsmailHashi Apr 07, 2016
Man Sasuke is too sweet for me to engage with the story. I mean the road to ninja version of him was annoying enough
-Killua -Killua Jul 31, 2016
Instead of "baby" he should say Dobe but just in a seductive way 😂
Anime_Musix_Lover Anime_Musix_Lover Jun 10, 2016
I can't never here Sasuke ever saying baby like that in my entire life