Blood of Requiem (Song of Dragons, Book 1)

Blood of Requiem (Song of Dragons, Book 1)

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Daniel Arenson By DArenson Completed

Long ago stood the kingdom of Requiem, a land of men who could grow wings and scales, breathe fire, and take flight as dragons. Requiem ruled the sky.

But Dies Irae, a tyrant leading an army of griffins, hunted Requiem's people, burned their forests, and shattered their temples. Requiem fell. This ancient land now lies in ruin, its halls crumbled, its cries silenced, its skeletons littering the burned earth.

In the wilderness, a scattering of survivors lives in hiding. The griffins still hunt them, and every day promises death. Will Requiem's last children perish in exile... or once more become dragons and fly to war?

jujubug_101 jujubug_101 Jun 03
I downloaded this like 2-3 year ago.  But lost it a year ago.  I've been looking for it since.  I've read all the books.  Yeah!!! I finally found it again.  Now I just gotta find unbound heart or dragon unbound.  Something like that!
ceruleanist ceruleanist May 31
I have downloaded this book yesterday. Much better if I read this here on Wattpad.
I've not even started reading this yet, but I saw the book cover and blurb and wow. Great cover art, and the summary really pulls you in. Can't wait to start reading this. Good work!
AlluPual AlluPual Dec 03, 2016
I haven't started reading this yet but ilysm bc I saw the name Requiem and Dies Irae and I swear if there's like a Rex Tremendae or lacrimosa or something in there I will love you even more
Arodiin Arodiin Aug 19, 2015
You are amazing my friend, a great inspiration for a young writer like me.
Meownimator Meownimator Jul 17, 2014
REQUEM IS AWESOME! read two of the trilogies and yet to read the third!